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Abatron is galactic dominance with controlled combat. Build your base and troops in RTS mode. Then jump into any unit at any time in FPS or in third person and confront your enemy head on. Unlock upgraded player abilities and build large armies to become the last player standing.

Coop and Versus game modes can be played with up to 8 players or bots. Abatron is a high action, competitive experience that pushes players to experiment with a variety of RTS tactics and FPS strategies to achieve total victory.

  • Multiplayer with up to 8 people
  • Switch between RTS and FPS at anytime
  • Level up in Hero mode(FPS) and unlock abilities
  • Create stronger units in RTS mode by upgrading your buildings
  • Switch between multiple Hero units to use special skills

  • Coop vs AI
  • Campaign story mode
  • Command your troops while in FPS mode
  • Pair up with another unit for a combo attack
  • Transport vehicles
  • New races, More Abilities
  • Modding Support!

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