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Studio : Berserk Games Site Web : http://www.berserk-games.com
Only the host needs to own this DLC.

2-5 Players | Ages 9 & Up

30-60 Minutes

About Khronos Hunter

Designed by Hiroyuki Okinoi, this game is published in a Japanese / English edition.

The Empress of Time inadvertently triggers a malfunction that causes different time intervals and parallel words to intersect. You are an adventurer who is unwittingly sucked into this time spiral. Your objective is collecting a form of energy called mana and bringing the world back to order, allowing you to return to your own time.

The objective of play is to travel the game board and collect mana, a strange form of energy, before the other players. Players advance the number of squares according to the number rolled on the die. Cast Cards can be set along points of the board, allowing a player to collect payment from others. “Cast” refers to the residents of the alien world. Once a player collects 100 mana, he wins by returning to Start. This means that even if another player has more mana than you, if you reach the goal with 100 mana in hand, you are the winner. To decide runners-up, count the number of mana each player has at the end of the game.

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