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Studio : ENTERi Editeur : Forever Entertainment S. A.
Key Features

INTUITIVE one-touch gameplay; vertical screen
CHALLENGING physics-based play, it stresses the main theme of the game – rivalry and desire to WIN!!!
ACTION GAME taking place in the space
SPACE ADVENTURE with random plays makes every duel exciting and unique
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE of the opponents sets the game’s level of difficulty; their abilities develop with each subsequent rival
WHEN YOU WIN, you gain and collect galactic empires: the opponent’s platform and flag
UNPREDICTABLE OBJECTS raise the difficulty of the play: planets in a galaxy and flying satellites
RAGDOLL system with excellent character strike animation effects
RICH WORLD of phenomenal flat-design graphics combined with a modern approach
MUSIC and sound specially composed for Mr Blaster
TO BE GAINED: many presents and bonuses provided by the cosmic UFO
FULL SYNCHRONIZATION via Google Drive and App Store
VERIFY YOUR ABILITY against the best players and compare your scores with friends in global achievement tables

20+ different, surprising CHARACTERS
20+ unique WEAPONS with different striking powers, animations and special effects
20+ different PLANETS and FLAGS to be conquered
4+ galaxy backgrounds representing different worlds
1. SPACE DUEL WITH A COMPUTER – you fight with Artificial Intelligence; the level of difficulty goes up with each subsequent opponent
2. CHAMPION DUEL WITH A FRIEND – using one phone, you compete with a friend and fight to conquer the universe
3. PLAY AGAINST THE CLOCK: YOU VS SATELLITES – the aim is to destroy “dynamically” flying satellites
4. PLAY TO PROVE YOUR ACCURACY: YOU VS PLANETS – you can prove your exceptional precision by aiming at and hitting far-away platforms

The Story
We all dream of conquering the space… Mr Blaster gives you the opportunity to make that dream come true.
At the beginning you play the role of a “Houston” Astronaut representing the Earth’s most powerful army. You protect the Earth and simultaneously begin a space battle for the entire galaxy! This epic space adventure with random plays makes each of the many duels unique and unpredictable.
You discover the secret of the universe. You never know who your next rival will be. Each opponent will surprise you with the way they look, their unconventional weapon with its own striking power, and special animation effects. In defeating your opponents you intercept them, as well as their weapons, platforms and flags. An additional element of surprise is that your opponents’ location in the universe changes. With each battle a given opponent appears in a different place – hundreds of light years away from the last one.
Your rivals have Artificial Intelligence, their skills develop with each play, which continually raises the difficulty level of the play. The universe is full of surprises. It holds unpredictable objects which make the game more exciting: flying meteorites, space wind, orbiting satellites and other planets in the galaxy. The universe is in your hands – when you win, you defeat and gain galactic empires!

Mr Blaster has comfortable, intuitive steering you can control with one finger as long as you keep your screen vertical – this way there is no need to use both hands. The challenging physics-based play stresses the main theme of the game – rivalry and desire to win.
The ability to fire accurately and think strategically will be useful in the game. You aim by setting the direction, firepower and angle. Your task is to conquer the opponent’s planet taking as few shots as possible!
In order to locate the opponent you can use a space telescope. It distances the entire galaxy which makes it easy for you to find your adversary. You can use the telescope three times. There is an independent and unpredictable element: satellites, which circle the platform and whose job is to protect it.
Difficulty is based on several factors. The most important one is your opponent’s Artificial Intelligence. The opponent’s abilities develop with each subsequent rival. In order to win, you have to play and train, learning to shoot accurately!

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