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Studio : Digital Fusion Inc. Editeur : Digital Fusion Inc. Site Web :
The highly appraised sequel to Tiger Hunt with over 50 new missions! Roll over a decimated Europe during WWII with your american armored division. Fight everything in the German arsenal including the most notorious and lethal tanks such as Tigers and Panthers. Battle through over 50 brand new missions in a fast paced arcade-style shooter. Drive and fight rival tanks, destroy enemy positions and engage in ferocious firefights.


- Built in the same engine as Tiger Hunt with over 50 brand new missions.
- Easy to use game controls gets you right into the action.
- Unique and accurate characteristics for each tank and vehicle with realistic physics and motions.
- Drive and fight with sherman's, Pershing's, half-tracks, jeeps as well as captured enemy tanks.
- Day and night fighting in different weather conditions.
- Call in the air support to take out enemy targets

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