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Studio : 34BigThings srl Site Web : http://34bigthings.com/press/sheet.php?p=redout

Mars Pack

The Solar Redout Racing League, the fastest racing league ever created, landed on Mars! The complex is situated in the Arabia Terra continent and the Red Planet shines with its dusty deserts and weird rock formations. The low gravity (approximately 38% of Earth's) played a major role in experimenting verticality and driving on the exterior of the common racing tubes, bringing back a true classic of the arcade racing genre.

Mars Pack adds:
- The Mars Environment, with 5 shiny new tracks and a new challenging boss track;
- Two new unlocked liveries for each team - that's 48 new unlocked liveries;
- Twenty brand new career events.


Only the host during a multiplayer game will require the DLC to let anyone try it!

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