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Studio : FVCE Editeur : Indie


This is a beautiful story about how Guls, the bear and puppy Blink wandered through the wild forest. They accidentally left their master tied by one rope. The game is all about you and the vagaries the nature offers. Get the full experience of the story from the point of view of the three different characters. Originally narrated by Evgen Malukha ("S.T.A.L.K.E.R.", "Metro 2033", "World of Tanks", "Cradle").

We will take you to a harsh land – the wild and poorly studied places in the North. Take a deep breath and dive into fascinating adventures and the story of two completely different animals - a black bear and a small domestic puppy, forced by chance to travel together. The charming, majestic landscapes of northern forests and mountains hide many dangers. Will you be able to survive in this inhospitable world?

The gameplay is based on several aspects: the exploration of the world, searching and collecting objects, which are necessary for survival and observing the story. The game combines many mechanics, it provides the non-linearity and variety of the gameplay features. You will see the story from the viewpoint of the different characters in first person, the mechanics of the gameplay for different characters will be different.


  • Exploration of the dangerous, endless and inhospitable northern areas.
  • A beautiful and emotional story, time-proved and loved by many generations.
  • History is offered from the point of view of human and animals.
  • Many secrets and dangers wait for you at every turn.
  • Freedom of action in the landscapes of the North. You will have to try to survive in this inhospitable land.
  • Inspiring musical accompaniment.

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