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Studio : What Pumpkin Games Editeur : What Pumpkin Games Site Web : http://www.hiveswap.com
Why should HIVESWAP: Act 1's fantastic soundtrack be confined to the game itself? With the HIVESWAP: Act 1 Original Soundtrack, you can groove along to your favorite in-game tunes whenever and wherever you want!

Contains the following tracks:

1. Definitely Safe Forever
2. Snake Escape
3. Joey Claire, Extraordinaire
4. Half-Harley Manor
5. Relatively Visible Darkness
6. Bedroom for an Annoying Dog
7. That's How I Beat Snake
8. Jude Harley, Bizarrely
9. Table for Tooth
10. Final Spice
11. Living Legend
12. Singular Peril
13. A More Defensible Position
14. Open the Door
15. Keep Your Head Down
16. Oh Whoa, What's This
17. Some Kind of Alien
18. Rustblood
19. Filthy Nuclear Bunker
20. SPORTS! Personally, I Love Them.
21. Lofted Gunpile
23. We Shall Go Together
24. Wish You Were Here
25. Intermission 1

B-Side 1. Old Steps
B-Side 2. How It Could Have Gone
B-Side 3. Alternate Recipe
B-Side 4. Heavy Snaking

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