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Studio : Edge Case Games Ltd. Site Web : http://www.fracturedspace.com
Four great ships and four superb skins, plus ten credit boosters and 250 platinum gives you a range of ships to use and a boost to your resources. The USR Colossus is a brutal heavy with impressive short-range firepower, while the TDS Protector is the classic support repair ship capable of keeping your allies in the fight. The Zarek Venturer is a medium attack which breaks open armor, shields and repairing allies. The USR Ghost is stealthy cloak-capable medium attack with a focus on ambushing its target.

Pack Contains
Four ships*:

USR Colossus - Heavy Attack
TDS Protector - Light Support
Zarek Venturer - Medium Attack
USR Ghost - Stealth Attack

Four skins (these can be used instead of the standard ship skin):
Colossus Mercury
Protector Maia
Venturer Jupiter
Ghost Mercury

Credit boosters x10
These can be selected for use after a match to double basic credit earnings.

250 platinum
This can be used to purchase in-game items.

*You will not be reimbursed for any ships you currently own.

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