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Studio : Edge Case Games Ltd. Site Web : http://www.fracturedspace.com
A choice selection of five specialist ships to expand your options. These will give you a variety of playing styles to choose from when you are looking for the perfect team composition to enhance your game. The TDS Sentinel fast attack, the long-range attack USR Watchman, the highly mobile capture specialist Zarek Enforcer, the heavy attack USR Destroyer and the blinking medium attack TDS Executioner. There are also five skins in this bundle, allowing you to customize your new ships - the Destroyer gets a Neso Dawn option, the Enforcer Red October, Executioner Purple Reign, Sentinel Enceladus and the Watchman a Neso skin. You also get 1,000 Platinum to spend in-game.

Pack contains
Five ships*:

TDS Sentinel - Fast Attack
USR Watchman - Long Range Attack
Zarek Enforcer - Medium Attack
USR Destroyer - Heavy Attack
TDS Executioner - Medium Attack

Five skins
(these can be used instead of the standard ship skin):
Sentinel Enceladus
Watchman Neso
Enforcer Red October
Destroyer Neso Dawn
Executioner Purple Reign

1,000 Platinum
This can be used to purchase in-game items

*You will not be reimbursed for any ships you currently own.

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