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Studio : Empyrean Editeur : Fat Dog Games

You don't remember a thing from the last night, but that doesn't seem to be a much of
a problem as you see that body right in the middle of the room. Blood is everywhere and
you're pretty sure he's dead.

"Can it be any worse ?" You ask yourself, and then a sound of knocking at your door ensures
you that it surely can.

You have not much time to think and you need to act fast.

Hide the body, clean all the traces and convince curious "guests" that everything is okay, and it has actually never been better. Remember, the clock is ticking!

Find your own way to finish each of 30 levels, discover unique crime scenes and become proffesional cleaner!

Take your job from police department and also from the mafia, balance between those worlds and follow the most important rule - No questions.

Thanks to Body of Evidence you stand before inimitable chance of being a murderer without having to murder anyone!

After this game, tiding your room never be the same - unleash your imagination.

WARNING! Hiding real bodies is a crime and it's forbidden in the USA and in the rest of the world as well.

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