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Studio : Birdwall Games Editeur : Birdwall Games Site Web :

Marble Skies is a back-to-basics platformer where you control your marble through various levels and try to get the best time for each one. Complete all the levels at your own pace, or challenge your friends to get on top of the leaderboards!

Features -

  • 20+ Beginner Levels
    Learn the basics of the game. Get to know how to control your marble, and the various powerups you may encounter. Great for new players!

  • 20+ Intermediate Levels
    After the first Beginner levels, you will start to master your marble rolling skills. Now you're aiming for the best times!

  • 20+ Advanced levels
    Nothing will be too difficult once you get to Advanced... And then it gets even harder!

  • Hand crafted from scratch
  • Arcade style physics
  • Platforming obstacles
  • Marble powerups
  • Great soundtrack
  • Leaderboards
  • Controller support

Planned -

  • Marble Skins
  • Multiplayer
  • Level system
  • Generated endless-mode
  • Lots more free updated levels
  • Level creator

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