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Studio : ChaoYe Liu Editeur : Happy Home Company Site Web :
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The initial release was released in 2002. 2017 re-launch in steam

Because of the unique Q style, with more than 60,000 words plot story.
Launched in the year was well received, and republished four times, setting the year sales success.

Today, Happy Family will bring back the most memorable memories of the year.


The game has the following characteristics:

1) new type of business management game! Let you experience the thick style of the European bakery.

2) exquisite picture, in the bakery, you will be able to clearly see all kinds of hot bread from kneading dough into the oven,
Put it on the bread stand and see the guests pick it in.

3) delicate character movements and modeling, you will be able to see every clerk's movements and customer actions.

4) RPG-like exquisite plot, using RPG animation dialogue system, warm and touching.

Let your business is full of interaction and surprise.

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