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Adventure Story + Arcade Action = Awesomeness

Apocalypse Cow is inspired by Pixar and Tarantino and is directed as an explosive arcade adventure. Rupture time to slow down traps, avoid bullets or freeze boxes mid-air to reach far away platforms. Destroy your enemies, solve puzzles and get lost in a digital world with peculiar characters.

  • Play locally with a friend and face challenges designed for 2.
  • Unlock the coolest costumes EVER!
  • Unleash hell with Katanas, Bazookas or exotic options like the Shrinker or Mjolnir!
  • Two Game Modes: Default (Hardcore) and Granny Mode (for those with finger arthritis)
  • Unlockable Speedrunner Mode (think you can you beat our times?)
  • Full speech! Wow!
  • Nice graphics and stuff.

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