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Studio : Lone Artisan Games Editeur : Lone Artisan Games Site Web :
Elium - Prison Escape is a realistic swordfighting action roguelite in a medieval setting.
Play in First and 3rd Person view with shooter-like controls, in a challenging and unforgiving prison environment with the main goal of finding an escape.
Take the role of Jarren Sorengar, a master swordsman seeing his days pass as a weary war prisoner. Time has come to meet fate, find an escape or die in the attempt.

Key Features:
  • 1stPerson / 3rdPerson melee action combat
    Fight with a sword, equip a shield, use your fists or even resort to fight with objects around you.
  • Reactive Combat AI
    Engage with zealous prison guards that use the same moves as the player, making for a tense and challenging experience.
  • Action and Stealth playing styles
    Hide in the shadows, turn off lights and sneak past enemies, or take your opponents by force.
  • Alone or with help
    Explore and fight on your own or rescue other prisoners to aid in your escape.
  • Random dungeon generation
    Experience a new level layout on every play, on a series of hand-crafted areas assembled procedurally.

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