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Studio : Screwdriver&Pigeons Editeur : Screwdriver&Pigeons

RW:NW is a personal revisitation of the 80s' arcades where I spent most of my pocket money as a kid. It's also my very first solo project after six years of working mostly on large team projects.
After all the work on those pachyderm projects, I wanted to make something small, immediate and fun.
I took a gameplay idea I had in a drawer since a couple of years, I set it up as a 30 minutes-a day project and started working on it during my lunch breaks. When the prototype was welcomed quite enthusiastically by the first testers, I decided to make it real.

RWNW is as a simple little game, quite replayable and with a little nice set of upgrades, achievements and highscores to beat to satisfy the progression geek in all of us.

If playing it it's for you even half the fun it was for me making it, then I think you will like it!

Emiliano, @DokHgn

  • Use the mouse to maneuver a monomolecular filament (the RazerWire) in a way to protect your generators and kill the enemies assaulting them.
  • Survive through endless waves of attackers with increasing difficulty.
  • Avoid hits on the Generators
  • Use the Wire for the kills
  • Use left and right mouse click to activate some powerups (Antimatter Blaster and PowerWave).

Progress is styled in a bit of a "rogue-like" approach: Survive as many waves as possible, and when you die use the earned points to unlock upgrades and powerups, then restart the fight (there are checkpoints, no worries!).

  • Multiple enemy types with several variants each :
  • 7 Movement types including Teleport, Accelerating Zig zags and Escaping from the Wire
  • 4 Shooting modes including homing missiles, scrambling bullets and all-around shooting
  • 2 Armor types
  • Multiple unlockable upgrades for the Wire including Shields, Armor, Health and Recovery Times
  • Up to 7 powerups including Anabolishields, Nanoblades and Chrono Molasses
  • Procedural difficulty increase in the endless waves progression
  • If you liked what you saw, feel free to follow me and RWNW on Twitter, some support is always a good gazoline for productivity ;)

In a future far away where humanity colonises most of the galaxy, the entire world starts being exterminated by no apparent enemy.

When scientists figure out that the killers are nano-sized virus-like aliens, Dr.Illerotsap modifies a medical tool, a monomolecular filament used for nano-scale medical operations and turns it into a weapon against the enemy.

The RazeWire was born.

My thanks go first and foremost to my family and to Jenny, for supporting my mad attempts at making a living with a job that I love.

To Olaf for sharing my office throughout the whole development, drooling over my flip flops and covering the floor with hair and love.

To my friend Ottavio from Mash Machine for having made the super cool music for the game.

To Siim and Mikk for the moral support throughout the project.
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