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Azure Saga: Pathfinder, is situated in a world where human race live inside group of colonies in the outer space focusing to find valuable resources to sustain their life. Some of them believe in the myth that says, one day they will be able to find a legendary planet called Azure, a place full of life and abundant resources that can sustain their life for generations to come.

The central story of Azure Saga: Pathfinder itself focused on Synch, the son of head scientist from N.E.B.U.L.A colony, alongside with his Droid assistance: NOiDE D30 (Noide).
Synch and Noide stranded on an unknown planet after their ship was shot down during their flight to a specific coordinate to pick up his father. With no fuel and broken navigation, Synch and Noide decided to look for energy sources to fix their spaceship.
However, things weren’t gone as smooth as they thought, during the journey they unintentionally involved with war and politics of the planet’s inhabitants.


  • Immersive Realm - A world with a classic storyline suitable for veterans and newcomers RPG fans polished in a high detailed 2D quality isometric and illustrations.
  • Traditional Turn-Based RPG Gameplay - A classic old school inspired Japanese Turn-Based RPG style with random enemy encounter.
  • Strategy oriented - Configure your characters equipments and jewels in order to enhance their maximum potential.
  • Discoverable United Skill in Combat - Unite, mix, and match your character skill in order to discover a brand new skill with a unique skill effects.
  • Classic Old School Adventure Awaits - Packed your adventures with a various quest throughout your journey and a tons of puzzles to be explored.

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