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A propos de ce jeu :

Studio : Screwdriver&Pigeons Editeur : Screwdriver&Pigeons
Nanosounds from the vaporspace is the synth- and vaporwave inspired soundtrack of Razerwire nanowars.

Written and composed by my friend Ottavio from Mash Machine, Razerwire soundtrack uses original synthwave sounds directly reconstructed from arcade games of the late 80s, re-mastered into modern-sounding tracks.

The mood and sound were born using the chromatic palette of Razerwire as inspiration, together with the deep space theme and the nanovibes of the infinity waves.

Tracks :

  • 1. Emperor Bug - 2:00
  • 2. Nanowars from the Vaporspace - 2:00
  • 3. Hypervibrating hyperwaves - 2:00
  • 4. Gonzobugs - 2:00
  • 5. Nanoscopic Immoral beings - 2:00
  • 6. Jogging naked in the nanoscapes of the mind - 2:00
  • 7. Titatiti-tatitita - 1:51
  • 8. Acidic dreams in a deadly puffy nanocloud - 1:51

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