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Studio : Shanghai Islands of Adventure Infotech Co. Editeur : Shanghai Islands of Adventure Infotech Co. Site Web :
An Multiplayer Pixels Battle Royale Game Full Of Simple Joys and Adrenaline-Packed Experiences.

Caution! It's a simple game but super addictive! Shout out, feeling intense, regret, wanna restarts again immediately are unavoidable.

Mini Battlegrounds is a "Battle Royale" PvP game in pixels world. It shoehorned the popular last-man-standing mode into a cute anime skin. The bird's view pixels scene makes is very easy to learn and enjoy. Various assembled weapons combined with intensive PvP combats. The last one standing wins.

Mini Battlegrounds is a game designed for casual and midcore PUBG players. If you think PUBG is too difficult or feel dizzy while playing 3D shooter games, Mini Battlegrounds is gonna be the perfect fit for you to taste the fun of Battle Royale games without those side effects.


  • Super Intensive and Fun.
  • Prevalent last-man-standing Mode.
  • Intuitive control, easy to learn and hard to master.
  • Various weapons and still adding.
  • Smaller map size,easier to memorize and navigate.
  • Neat advanced graphics,enjoy eye feasts while playing it for all night long.

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