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Studio : Techone Game Studio Editeur : Techone Game Studio
《PAPA'S TIME MACHINE》 is a brand new action & adventure game in which players will play the role of a father and start an adventurous journey in different stages of life.

《PAPA'S TIME MACHINE》 requires the player to adjust the size of the character to complete the game mission. The game viewing angle will change constantly. In some places, you need to zoom in to observe carefully. Meanwhile, there are traps in many places. and your role may die if you are not careful enough.

Game features:
1. A unique adventure game.
2. Multi-angle viewing
3. Full of death and fun.
4. A father's life game.

This work is dedicated to all the fathers in the world. If you like it, please give us a comment.
Any advice, please let us know. We will try our best to design more and more exciting games as soon as possible


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