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Studio : Ablaze Interactive Editeur : 1C Company Site Web :
2D top-down arena fighter in a gothic pixel art style. Follow the story of Arif, a mage on a quest of saving his friend.
Arif promised to become skilled and powerful enough to prevent his friend’s death. Beating all enemies in Atixa’s grand arena and receiving the Gift of Parthax might be his only chance to do so. Unleash Arif’s power and survive several seasons with waves of mobs and mighty bosses with the help of customized and enhanced spells, to defeat the champion and claim the main prize.


  • Survive 5 seasons of challenges with unique boss fights
  • Unlock, modify and customize you spells
  • Manage your resources with mana regeneration and potions
  • Choose your character’s direction within a mature story
  • Interact with NPCs and discover more about the lore

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