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Studio : Idea Factory Site Web : http://ideafintl.com/dark-rose-valkyrie/
Accessorize the Special Force Vakyrie unit with the Extra Costumes Set.

[Summer School] Set
[Witch Style] - Enchanting Witch Set
[Sailor Uniform] ACID Custom Set
[Gothic Mode] - Occasional Dresses are Nice - Set

The following items will be added:
・School Brochure
・In Advance! Popular Fall Fashion
・Sailor Collection
・Loli Goth Monthly

※A new lineup will be added within the Development Room's [Tailoring].

※Uninstalling DLC items may prevent users from loading save files made before the DLC item was uninstalled. To ensure that users can load all Dark Rose Valkyrie save files, we recommend that users do NOT uninstall DLC items.

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