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Studio : Rupeck Games Editeur : The Yogscast Site Web : http://www.caveblazers.com
The Arena Mode Expansion for Caveblazers introduces a ridiculous new game mode. Fight your way through waves of deadly monsters in a variety of fully destructible stages! Collect packs of cards as you level up in the arena - complete with a fancy pack opening animation!

Different Every Time!

Everything will be randomly selected each time you dive in to the arena. After each wave of enemies, you'll be thrown in to a new stage and be given a choice of upgrades. As you grow stronger, the arena will ramp up the difficulty, throwing bigger and badder monsters in your general direction.

Card Collecting!

Levelling up in the arena will grant you a pack of cards and some tokens. Build a deck of cards before entering the arena to give yourself crazy upgrades, and use your tokens to buy starting equipment and more cards! Everyone loves cards, right?!

New Enemies!

As well as the existing enemies from Caveblazers, we've introduced a whole bunch of new monsters that are unique to the arena, many of them more deadly than ever before, you'll want to build yourself a sweet deck of cards before facing off with some of these fellas.

Co-op Compatible

Play through the arena alone, or with a loving companion in Local Co-op!

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