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Voronium - Locust Sols takes place on a planet far from our known world. In the wake of mankind's destruction of the earth a quest to find a new home has begun. Due to the enormous distances of space, this expedition is lead by machines and highly sophisticated AI all relaying on Voronium.

Voronium is a material, so versatile and energy dense it defies the laws of physics. It's the energy source that replaced all others. But though the universe is vast - mankind and their AI are not the only species interested in the energy. Your job is to secure the Voronium mining operations, and destroy anything that gets in the way.


The game is made solely for VR and it mixes two classic genres of game-play. Tower defense and First person shooter (VR Style). The game contains the following features:

  • Tech-noir storyline driving the game forward
  • Tower-defence gameplay (protect the base)
  • Evolving tech-tree
  • Multiple different opponents - different behavior requires different tacktics
  • First person gameplay - participate in the defending in VR FPS mode
  • Possess everything, even autonomous towers can be possessed by the player

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