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Capsella The Lights of Lucern is an action RPG that takes place in Galad, a mysterious and magical universe.
Four heroes were chosen by the goddess to hold the Capsella, an artifact that is capable of dispelling the darkness cast on the Link Crystals that is breaking the balance between light and darkness.
The heroes will face multiple dangers across the land to dispel the Crystals and find out who is behind the attacks.
Featuring a local multiplayer cooperative with four unique heroes, explore the dimension of Lucern in an top down action driven adventure!
You can play as Ambar, Aran, Laurina and Lucas! Each with an unique set of technics and gameplay style!
Ambar is a powerful mage that can cast powerful spells!
Aran is a mighty brawler that can unleash swings with his two handed sword!
Laurina is a swift and skilled archer!
Lucas is a fierce swordsman that can take a blow and protect the group!
Fight enemies, earn experience to gain levels and unlock new technics! Get stronger by upgrading your equipment and use elemental properties to be more effective and defeat your enemies!

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