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“Our glorious country of Matryoshka has invited a representative of the Western media to witness the glory of communism firsthand. The lucky journalist will be the first ever person to bask in the light of merciless merciful Leader, who is the embodiment of all that is good as well as having the best-looking stash in history. The journalist will explore our worthless wealthy country and political realm by solving puzzles and minigames to understand the depth of the megalomania the depths of magnanimity of our fearless Leader. The sponsored visit also includes an interrogation a meeting with our Minister of Propaganda Information, Vlad, whose job is very cruel crucial to our country. So, without further ado, stay away from welcome to Matryoshka!”

Signed: the Department Of Propaganda Information

Irony Curtain is a satirical point-and-click adventure about a Western journalist visiting the communist regime of Matryoshka for the first time. Immerse yourself in slapstick humor that ridicules dictatorship accompanied by hand-drawn, stylized art and all the grandeur and sharpness that 4K allows! Dive into a brilliant story full of unforeseen twists and turns, take a look behind the Iron Curtain, and discover the bizarre secrets of Matryoshka!

Prepare For

  • 22 hand-painted locations that look surprisingly better than their original counterparts.
  • 9 postulates introduced during the first Matryoshkan Revolution that nobody remembers or cares about.
  • 170 black market items – you really won't know what to do with some of them!
  • A 5-year plan that no one ever hoped to achieve, and neither should you.
  • 1,951 jokes punishable by political imprisonment.

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