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The epic soundtrack from CommanderVideo's ninth musical adventure. Tap your hips and shake your feet to some of the catchiest music around!

Continue your BIT.TRIP in style and impress your friends with track names like Deepfahrt Wetfunk and Mouth Verbalmeyer! Just picture the looks on their faces when nonsense like that pops up on your car stereo!

My, what a FLAVOR!

1. A Gentle Welcoming
2. CommanderVideo Runs Again
3. Cheddar is Better
4. A Bite Too Far
5. It's Arbor Day!
6. Six Feet Under the Big Top
7. Deepfahrt Wetfunk
8. Gears for Fears
9. Cogs and Jogs
10. Automaton Song
11. Not the Boss of Me
12. The Impossible Possible
13. Globe-Trotski
14. Mouth Verbalmeyer

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