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Just like the game, this soundtrack takes you all over the world: from the beaches of the Caribbean to the Andean mountains and the Transylvanian forests. The Renowned Explorers’ theme song is woven through it all to make sure the tone is set for adventure!

For this soundtrack’s release, Abbey Games’ longtime composer Joni van der Leeuw dove back into the source material to rearrange and remaster the lion’s share of the music from the game into an actual album of twelve tracks. Next to music that you’ll probably recognise from the game, there’s also music from one of the trailers for the game and even a previously unreleased track of music that was used to pitch the idea of the soundtrack within the Abbey Games development team.

Renowned Explorers - Original Soundtrack - Tracklist
1. More To Explore
2. The Highlands
3. Submerged Island
4. Succeeded On Lost Island
5. Overworld Suite
6. Memphis Desert
7. Transylvania
8 Andean Adventure
9. Anagogic Archipelago
10. Failed In Transylvania
11. Shangri-La
12. Venture Forth

Once purchased and installed, soundtrack will be located in ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Renowned Explorers\soundtrack\. It can also be accessed through Steam’s music player (View > Steam Music). All files are in MP3 format.

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