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This game includes elements of Pinball and Patinko - this means that the driving atmosphere of the game will not let you get bored!
Your goal is to break all the red balls, but amount of them increases with each level! There will appear black holes, bombs, platforms and more on your way! Calculate each of your shots and get to the basket! (We are watching for cleanliness). And also earn coins to buy new shells!


    ☼ Red balls!
    ☼ Blue balls!
    ☼ Green balls!
    ☼ Purple shirts!
    ☼ Bombs!
    ☼ Black Holes!
    ☼ Obstacles!
    ☼ 70 levels!
    ☼ 3 difficulty levels!
    ☼ Shop of shells and backgrounds!

The location of the balls is constantly changing and it is impossible to predict it!
Blasting different balls you get the advantage:
For blue - anticipating the flight of a shot;
For lilac - additional projectile;

Depending on the difficulty level, you will encounter different obstacles, consider that the amount of shells is limited!
Show your accuracy and make the most accurate shot in Papper Balls !

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