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Studio : EF Universe Games LLC Editeur : EF Universe Games LLC Site Web :
Original Majula Frontier soundtrack. This DLC contains 16 tracks (.wav).

The following 14 tracks were composed by Dale North (Scarlet Moon Artists)

Track Listing 1

  • That Time Has Come (Trailer)
  • Tranquil Moment Of Peace
  • The Town of Majula
  • Lush Grasslands
  • The First Campaign
  • Into the Abyss
  • Pristine Nature
  • Awakening Battlefield
  • A Champion Appears
  • Far From Home
  • Forgotten Chambers
  • The Danger Below
  • The Ultimate Enemy R1
  • Clear Blues Skies

The following track was composed by J.R. Trimpe

Track Listing 2

  • Major Boss Battle

This DLC contains a bonus track, which was also composed by Dale North

Track Listing 3

  • EF Universe Reclaiming the World Main Theme

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