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Welcome to Moonbaker! This map is simply massive, making the strategies and explosions endless. In Moonbaker you’ll have to be relentlessly meticulous with your movements because each section of the map offers distinct advantages for each Merc. Watch your footing or you’ll accidentally wander into an enemy trap. This repurposed cartel hangar is the perfect place to test your strategic prowess against your friends!

Monolithic Map Features:
  • A Massive area for firefights and jukes
  • Explosions littered throughout for great family fun
  • Lanes to support all of the different playstyles
  • Did we mention we have a roof now?
  • Even more randomized layouts to support every Merc
  • And of course, a default layout for those intense tests of skill

Get this DLC so you and your friends can go at it head-to-head hard-mode style in a battle of wits!

DLC note: Without this DLC you will still be able to experience the Moonbaker in two ways:
  • The map may come up randomly in a Quick Match.
  • Someone who already owns this DLC can challenge you to a match in it.

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