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A propos de ce jeu :

Studio : Fellstrike Games Editeur : Fellstrike Games Site Web :

Key Features

  • Story-driven with lovable and ridiculous characters.
  • Choose your own party members.
  • Tough enemies who'll tear you a new one.
  • Dynamic turn-based combat system with enemy bribe option,
    stat-driven turn order, and action point gauge for special skills.
  • Randomized loot with large variety.
  • Created and developed by just a guy.

The Warriorlock is a story-driven dark humor adventure, combining core rpg mechanics with a rich picture book presentation that draws the reader into a detailed and dangerous world, where you will ultimately choose your own party members, decide whether to fight, bribe, or run from predators, learn powerful magic skills, and attempt to crawl a deadly gauntlet toward escaping the labyrinth of the mind's eye, in this lone developer's lighthearted labor of love.


Control notes:

*Please ensure game pad controller is connected before launching the game.
*Steam Overlay feature is not compatible with this game window (VX Ace engine).
*Default game pad controls are set to standard xbox controller scheme.
*Toggle run option will lock/unlock the player sprite in the sprint position.
*Native 1024 x 576 game window can be stretched to full screen (reduces clarity).
*Saving and exiting the game is accomplished via options in the menu.

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